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Guilty of taking time for yourself rather than sorting bills or ironing clothes? Stop these counterproductive thoughts! The cocooning is essential for our well-being. It is a break time for our body, but also allows our mind to release the pressure. It is also the opportunity to refocus on oneself and meet our needs. It is about thinking only to do good and not to refuse to agree moments of pleasure.

This little moment outside the daily race gives you the opportunity to calm anxieties, slow down the reflection on our problems and finally take care of yourself. Escape your stress and enjoy a real serenity that has a strong impact on your body. There is evidence that taking time for yourself causes the release of hormones of well-being and a lasting sense of happiness.

You must take time for yourself and stop wanting to solve the problems of your loved ones. Become selfish for a few minutes! That way you will be better at listening to others and you will not feel the frustration of not having enough time for you. We often blame others for not taking care of us.

But if we first take care of ourselves to meet our own needs without expectations of others ! The art of cocooning should be seen as beneficial while in our society, it tends to be rather considered a waste of time. Change your thinking to fully appreciate this moment of relaxation and relaxation.

No need for much to have fun with cocooning! After taking time for yourself, you will understand the importance of this truce in the race of your day. Your mind will feel soothing and your body will benefit from this rest. Wear a comfortable outfit, choose a good book and start a calm music! This is the moment to imagine a moment that belongs only to you and that will give you a real satisfaction.