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If you are charged with a crime by the police, it can be a very scary and confusing time no matter who you are. If you are arrested and charged within the state of Victoria, then it is prudent for you to seek out talented and reputable criminal lawyers in Melbourne to represent your interests and defend you from police scrutiny.


Why do you need a criminal lawyer in Melbourne?

A criminal lawyer is essential in order to adequately defend yourself against the professional prosecution the police are going to bring against you. The police are actively seeking to convict you as it is a sign that they did a good job in arresting you (it looks bad when they arrest a person who gets acquitted later as it seems like they wasted everyone’s time).

Because being found guilty could mean fines and/or imprisonment and the creation of a criminal record if it is your first offence, there is a lot at stake for you and for your loved ones who may depend on you in their lives for income, parenting or something else. A conviction can also mean the end of your career as companies don’t want to hire someone with a history with the police when there are so many law-abiding applicants out there.

Failing to hire a criminal lawyer in Melbourne means that you have either given up or simply can’t afford one. While the Government can provide you with a state-paid solicitor to guarantee your basic rights, they won’t be nearly as effective or committed to your case as a private practitioner.


How do you find a criminal lawyer in Melbourne?

If you want to find a reliable criminal lawyer in Melbourne, you probably don’t just want to spend your money with the first practitioner you see an ad for. Just because someone has a lot of advertising money doesn’t mean they are the best option for you, so make sure you do a decent amount of shopping around and get some back up choices.

A good place to start your search is on the internet where you can use a search engine to find lots of great results for good criminal lawyers around Melbourne. Check out each of their websites and make notes of key information you find in their ‘about me’ section or in testimonials from their past clients.


How do you work well with a criminal lawyer in Melbourne?

someone behind the prison bars

In order to work well alongside your criminal lawyer from Melbourne you need to listen to their advice and do your best not to second-guess their expertise. If you are paying a fair amount of money for their services, then you would be harming your own case by trying to correct them or telling them how to apply their expertise rather than letting them work the way they work best.

Make sure that you return their correspondence and arrive to meetings/court hearings on time. It looks bad on you and your solicitor if you are always unreliable and they can’t always be expected to be your eyes and ears when you aren’t making an effort.

There is plenty to consider when you set out to hire one of the many talented criminal lawyers around Melbourne. Do your research and trust your instinct.