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serenity, rest and calm! That’s what we need to recharge our batteries! Autumn makes us want to stay at home and immerse ourselves in a bubble of well-being. Finally, take time for yourself and do what you have wanted for a long time. It’s a moment just for you and that is truly beneficial when you spend your day running! We give you some recipes to relax and savor this unique moment.

Create a calm atmosphere

Prepare your house or apartment for this moment of cocooning! Nothing complicated to all this, especially imagine a decor that you like and that will make you want to ask you. Light a few candles, choose a comfortable chair and dress for example a Christian Cane indoor clothing ! This ready-to-wear brand is specialized in comfortable nightwear or daywear, but also in making comfortable and high-quality linen. Continue your preparation by applying our advice!

A soft and diffused light

To let you win by well-being, your mind and body will be sensitive to the choice of light. We ban direct and too powerful lights that catch your eye and tend to stimulate your body .

It is advisable to put several sources of light in your room and to select lights with warm colors (yellow or orange). They are more pleasant than the rather blue or white lamps which create a cold and too bright atmosphere. Remember to light scented candles so that the olfactory atmosphere is as total. And to immerse yourself in a delicate atmosphere, choose a smell of vanilla or that will remind you of your childhood.

Relaxing music

Work out your mood too by choosing a playlist ideally composed of quiet music and songs that you like. If you lack inspiration, draw good ideas on streaming platforms. There are even playlists offered by the sites or by other users.

Choose music for meditation or yoga. We also love the sounds of nature like the rain falling on the roof, the comings and goings of the waves of the sea or the rustle of the leaves in a forest.

In good company or with yourself?

Cocooning and relaxation are not necessarily synonymous with loneliness. But it’s up to you to choose what you want on the moment! You have the right to want a little moment just for yourself or to prefer a relaxing time with someone you love.

But for it to be a really relaxing moment, let the people know that you will take some time to rest and that you want a calm atmosphere. If there is discussion, it is better that these are positive and not too engaging or decision-making topics. We unplug the brain and enjoy without making head!

Active or passive ?

Nothing is written! For a pampering session to take care of yourself, you do not have to do anything! You can also enjoy doing things that you like, but you do not necessarily have time to do every day.

We cook cookies, we do drawing or we take the time to read a good novel in front of the fireplace. Run a hot bath in which you place salts with essential oils. Or try knitting or sewing! What good things to pamper this winter ! This moment must be like you first and foremost! Listen only to your desires and let yourself go to things that make you happy. Movies with rose water, pottery, beauty care? It’s your turn !